Be Still My Beating Heart

I… I didn’t know it would be like this. How quickly and swiftly you dashed into my life. How my heart melted a single word… dazzle.

Chelsea over at Life is Beautiful posted this picture a week ago. At the time I thought, “oh, that’s cute”. How little I knew!


Yes, Edward, you dazzle me.

I read about 200 pages in 3 hours of reading last night. I’m hoping I can sneak a chapter today at work. I can’t wait to read more!

Oh! I almost forgot. While reading in bed last night, I told my husband that the book is about vampires (after asking if he’d go see the movie with me). Our exchange:

Hubs: “Is it like Gossip Girl?”

Me: “Does Gossip Girl have vampires?”

Hubs: “I dunno”

Me: “I dunno either, I’ve never watched Gossip Girl”

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2 thoughts on “Be Still My Beating Heart

  1. Who would have thought a love story about vampires would take off like it has? Now, I can’t imagine what I’ll do after I finish the series….

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