I Can’t See Clearly Now…

Awhile back, Matt and I tackled our first home project. You see, our front door is surrounded by a transom window and 2 sidelights. The original owners had solved this privacy issue with curtains. While this could be chic and modern, it was very granny like. This picture isn’t too great, but note the granny curtain up top:

Front Door- before

So to solve our privacy issue, I came up with the idea of making the glass frosted. Then I discovered the world of window film. After various online sources, I found Gila. And thankfully, Gila is carried at our Lowes. Which meant instant gratification and no shipping fees. So on a motivated Saturday, we picked up the tools and got going.

I had read somewhere that the application kit had everything we needed. Didn’t hurt that it was under $10.

At first I had grand ideas of getting a patterned film to add some nice detail and play off of the design of our storm door. Unfortunately, this leaden glass look wasn’t quite right. Plus, the thought of making sure it was centered and straight did NOT sound like fun.

So we switched that out for the basic frosted look. After following the instructions and LOTS of squeegee-ing, we finally had our privacy!

Front Door - After

I think our 1st home improvement project was a real success. Now we can walk up and down the stairs without worry of our neighbors spying us in our PJs!

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