Weekend Preparations

This weekend, Matt is going to tear our family room to bits.

More accurately, he’ll be wiring the room for surround sound. I. Am. Scared.

He plans to rip up the shoe molding & baseboards for most of the runs. This scares me. I have visions of baseboards bursting as he tries to pry them up.

I might try to photo-document the process, if I can stand the inevitable carnage. The only upside is that this “home improvement” means that we have to paint! You see, the previous owners painted the entire house a pleasant cream/off white color when they put it on the market. They must’ve hired painters. They left us no spare paint, so merely touching up is out of the question. This will be the first painting we do in the house!

But we have a dilemna. Our family room comes off of the kitchen, separated by a bar area and a half wall. The half wall poses a problem.

FamilyRoomCornerHow in the world are we supposed to deal with the awkward paint transition from family room to kitchen/hallway?

Our 2 ideas:

  1. Use painter’s tape and have a harsh, solid line of paint ending where the crown molding ends
  2. Get a piece of wood (molding?) and glue/nail it on the wall, coming straight down from where the crown molding ends and connecting in where the ledge meets the wall. We’d paint it white.


For the family room paint color, I’m thinking a steely blue/gray. I originally wanted something light, but I think a darker color will really make the moldings and fireplace pop.

Some colors I love, discovered using House Beautiful’s Paint Brush tool:

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Line:

Phillipsburg Blue: phillipsburgblue

Jamestown Blue: jamestownblue

Sherwin Williams Color System:

Riverway: riverway

Meditative: meditative

I might have to just get samples of each of these and see how they look next to the white moldings.


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