We Survived!

There are no more holes in our walls!

After several hours on Saturday, Matt & his friend managed to run wire for our 2 front speakers and the center speaker, in addition to running an HDMI cable up to the tv nook. The plan for the 2 back speakers is to go wireless. Otherwise Matt would likely have to drill down into the crawlspace, and I just don’t know that I could handle precise drilling into our hardwood floors.

So now we move on to paint. Well, after Matt finishes patching up the wall.

I decided to go with  Ralph Lauren brand paint. I read a good comparrison article about 4 paint brands over at One Project Closer. So I headed to Home Depot since Lowes doesn’t carry Ralph Lauren. Well, Home Depot doesn’t do sample sizes. So I went to Lowes, remembering that Valspar does samples. I had picked 3 Ralph Lauren chips to base my Valspar selections off of.

Unfortunately, none of them worked (well, I love 3 of them, but Matt thought they were too dark). So now I’m chekcing out Ralph Lauren’s website and ordering some samples.

At least we’re getting there. And thank goodness there are no more holes in my walls.

Update: These are the Ralph Lauren samples I just ordered, from the Vintage Masters line:



2 thoughts on “We Survived!

  1. Lowes will color match Ralph Lauren, Duron, anything you need, and we put it in our TOP signature paint, which includes primer.

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