How Not to Hang a Curtain

Back again with yet ANOTHER privacy issue. We have a large, beautiful window on our 2nd floor. It looks out the front of the house and is in a hallway in front of the staircase to the 3rd floor. Here’s how it looks from the street:

And here’s the view from the hallway:

As you can imagine, this clear shot of the neighbor’s house can be a bit worrisome during the nighttime hours, when hallway lights make it easy to see right into the house. So our quick fix- sheer curtains. I already had 2 ivory sheers from my 1st post-college apartment, so this was a no-expense fix. Drill & laser level in hand, Matt & I set about getting the curtain rod up.

Our first road bump was when the screw broke in the wall. I think we somehow hit the brick exterior? Is this even possible? Then, you would think that between the two of us, we could manage to hang the rod straight. Well…. no such luck. But genius Matt fashioned this paper-towel padding to boost up the lower end.

So. Ghetto.


Good thing we don’t have small children to yank this sucker down!


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