Gearing Up

I’m anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving. Not only does it mean 2 days off of work, it means that I can finally start decorating! This past weekend, Matt and I got some additional decorations to make our house sparkle.

My inspiration for our front door:


(image from Pottery Barn)

We’ll be attempting to swag garland and we got some strands of LED lights to wrap around our front columns and railings. We’ll be using a piece of pre-lit garland for our lamp post. We will also put some pre-lit garland on our banister inside. We got wreaths for each of our front windows (7 in all) and pre-made bows that I need to attach. The wreath holders we got (for only a buck each) ended up being to wide to fit on our window, so I’ll be exchanging those. Hopefully I can find a wreath hanger that fits our windows, otherwise I’ll be getting a roll of red ribbon and making my own holders. We got candles for the front windows (they have automatic timers! rejoice!), and a floodlight to put in the yard and shine on the house.

I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Make sure you take pictures! I wish I had a grand enterance to decorate besides my bummy looking apartment balcony. Maybe next Christmas!

  2. I’ totally planning on taking pictures. I just hope it doesn’t end up looking too sparse/half-way done. We shall see. I might have to go pick up some ornaments to hang on the garland!

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