Happy December!

I can’t believe it’s December already. The year has totally flown by. I hope everybody had a fun Thanksgiving.But really, Thanksgiving means that it’s time for Christmas.

After we got home yesterday, I freed our Christmas decorations from the attic and did some interior decorating. Unfortunatelly, you’ll have to wait for pictures a bit longer. It rained all day Sunday so I didn’t bother with the outdoor decorations, although I did put the wreath on the front door. Which brings me to a question.

When you have a storm/screen (in our case, glass) door on the front door, should you hang the wreath on the actual door (so it would be sandwiched between the 2 doors) or on the storm door? Right now I have it sandwiched, but I worry that you can’t see it too well from the street. I’ll have to try both positions and see what looks best.

I still have at least 1 craft store run left. And at least 1 more Target run.

Here’s what’s left:

  • Put wreaths on windows
  • Put candles in windows –and find a way for them not to fall over
  • Plug candles in at 5pm as fast as possible (they have a built in timer- 8 hours on, 16 hours off. I’d like them to come on at 5pm so they turn off at 1am)
  • Swag garland around front door
  • Wrap garland around lamp post
  • Wrap white lights around railings/columns
  • Get more ornaments for the tree
  • Get more garland for the mantle & credenza in the family room
  • Try to convince Matt to let me use some ribbon on the banister

This is what I did yesterday:

  • Get decorations from attic
  • Put bows on wreaths
  • Wrap garland around front banister
  • Set up the tree
  • Decorate the tree in a way so that the cat can’t break anything
  • Put stockings on the mantle

Phew. Hopefully we can make our craft store/Target runs today so I can finish decorating throughout the week. And so you can see pictures.


3 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Sounds like you are well on your way into the holiday season. I brought back of decorations from my parents but thanks to the wonderful traffic, I didn’t get a chance to put any out yet. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Hmm…interesting dilema–I think I’d hand the wreath on the main door, sandwiched b/w the 2 doors. But you’ll have to try it both ways and see what looks best.

    Your Christmas decorations sound lovely–I especially love the candle lights in the windows. I always think that looks so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your pics!

  3. I might try it both ways and take pictures of each to do a compare/contrast. I also might drive around the neighborhood to see if anybody else has this issue and see how they hang their wreath.

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