What’s for Dinner?

We’ve gotten into the habit of planning meals for a week at a time so we can buy everything that we need for the week in 1 big grocery store run. Back in our dating days, it felt like one of us was going to the store every other day to pick up supplies for that night’s meal. Our once a week strategy saves us time and (usually) money.

I’m heading to the store today after work so I’ve been planning my list. I usually do this at home so I can use my Real Simple Grocery List pad. It’s heaven on Earth.

So I thought I’d post the meals I’m scheduling for this week.

  1. G&D’s Broiled Shrimp with wild rice
  2. Chicken & Rice (because I got a strange craving for it while driving home on Sunday)
  3. Spaghetti with meatballs (because I got a strange desire to make my own meatballs while driving home on Sunday)
  4. Chicken breast with peppers & onions (from this month’s Real Simple)
  5. Either a beef tenderloin or roast, depending on what strikes my fancy at the store (because nothing says I’m a full-fledged, card-carrying adult like a ‘loin or roast)

And the best part about this list of meals is that pretty much all of them will be 1 pot meals. Best. Ever.

For Christmas I’m hoping to get a recipe box so I can start writing down recipes that I love and make a lot. This way I can just flip through a box for ideas. So quaint, isn’t it? I’m also hoping for an embosser to fulfill my dreams of personalizing all paper goods in my reach–including recipe cards.


3 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. It was really good! I was worried about the shrimp getting burnt under the broiler on the last 3 minutes, so I pulled it out a minute early. The shrimp was done, but wasn’t super crisp. I think next time I’d fix it in a pan instead of the broiler to get some caramelization. The red pepper flakes added a nice kick that wasn’t too obvious.

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