Copy Cat?

No no, this isn’t a post about Matt finally letting me get a 2nd cat (very unfortunately). We have a bit of a delimna. Not one that needs to be fixed this holiday season, but for the coming years.

On Sunday while we were still at the in-laws (or maybe we were driving home, who knows. I can’t remember that long ago), we somehow started talking about Christmas trees. Last year we bought a 7 or 8 ft pre-lit tree from Target. Eventually, in the very far future, we’ll start getting real trees. Since our family room is in the back of the house, there’s no way to see our tree through one of our front windows. SUCH a bummer. But once we start getting real trees, we can plop the fake one in the living room in front of one of those 2 windows.

And then it hit. We could put the fake tree in front of the big 2nd floor window! Matt instantly loved my brilliant idea. I’m pretty sure he would agree to go out and buy another fake tree so we can get this sure-to-be-beautiful look. But fake trees are pricey.

Anywho, I came home from work yesterday, and to my horror, the house 3-4 doors down from us has implemented by awesome idea! Naturally, it’s gorgeous. Can I copy this look whenever we have a tree to spare? Or is that totally bad and will all the neighbors think I stole the idea? Should I hang a disclaimer, noting my original incarnation of the idea- dating it November 30, 2008?

It really is so pretty. And it would bring interest to that big window- which I can’t even hang a wreath on because the darn thing doesn’t open. And there’s no way in hell I’m climbing out there to just hang a wreath. I’m not suicidal.

PS- In a quick Google Images search for a Christmas tree, I found this- the Upside Down Corner Christmas Tree:

What the heck?! I guess if your room is super duper small then you could use this and save floor space. But really, it looks more like a decoration than a tree… Amazing the things you can find on the Internet.


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