Light the Night

Yesterday I got all of the candles in the windows and dashed around to get them all plugged in as fast as I could. Since they have a built in timer (8hrs on, 16hrs off), I didn’t want it to take 5 minutes for them all to lazily turn on every night. It would drive me crazy. But not as crazy as walking around to each window to turn them on & off manually.

I remember growing up that getting the candles to stay on the windowsills was a bit of a challenge. We had these plastic rings things to secure them under the bottom window pane. But the plastic was on the thick side, so sometimes the windows didn’t always lock back into place.

Well, I faced this same problem. When I first tested out the candles, I noticed that due to the angle of the cord coming out the base of the candle, it had a hard time staying upright. I didn’t want to waste my time & money looking for those little plastic things, so I made my own out of yarn.


I basically made a slipknot on a piece of yarn about 6 inches long. I tried to keep the ends about the same length and the loop in the center.


I slid the loops over the candles, tightened the knot, then put them on the windowsills and clamped the ends under the window itself!


Now my candles are securely in the windows (with the exception of the big 2nd story window, see previous post).

A word of warning though: if you have a cat, be sure to put the yarn away. I stupidly left my yard on a table in my office and when I woke up, it had been relocated to the floor next to my nightstand. Thanks, Alton.

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