Holiday Cheer

Occasionally I get to work from home. Today is such a day. This means I have the cat hanging around my office for a good chunk of time.

Since we’re doing out outdoor Christmas decorations tomorrow, I wanted to prep the wreaths for going out on the windows. I originally got wreath hangers, but they were too wide and didn’t fit on my windows. So now I’m going to try using a wide red ribbon to hold them in place. I brought the 5 wreaths for the upstairs windows into my office so that I can try out this technique at some point.

Alton loves the wreaths.

He hopped right in the stack!

And he loves to bite at the fake branches. He does this to our fake tree, too.

This is Alton’s first Christmas. So naturally he’s excited. I can’t wait to see what he does when we open presents- all that wrapping paper and those boxes! Our cats growing up LOVED Christmas for the boxes.

In other news, I plan on breaking out my sewing machine this weekend and trying out some projects. Some things on my mind:

  • Tree skirt
  • Makeup bag
  • Cable bag for my laptop accessories
  • Drapes
  • Cafe curtains for the laundry room
  • stuffed Christmas shapes/ornament type thingies

So we’ll see how that goes. My sewing machine doesn’t like me, and that manual can be kinda confusing. I hate bobbins.


I’ve tied the ribbon on 5 out of 7 wreaths. My hands are stained red and it’s rubbing off onto my keyboard. I’m going to quickly tie the last two so I can wash my hands and stop literally spreading the holiday cheer.


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