Holiday Decorating Update!

What a weekend, guys. I got so much accomplished, it’s kind of scary.

On Friday, I put out the wreaths on the front windows.

On Saturday, Matt and I braved the cold to finish up our outdoor decorations. We (Matt) decided against the lights on the railings. Mainly because we got LED lights and they were TOO white and looked off. And we (Matt) felt we were dancing the line between classy & tacky. I think we’re going to get 2 evergreen mini trees to go on the front porch, flanking the door. And probably put some red ornaments on them. We’re also going to get more red bows and put one on the mailbox and one on the lamp post.

Saturday night it snowed, which Zeus LOVED (he jumps and tries to bite the snowflakes as they fall). I took the cat out in the snow (holding him) and made him stand on our table. He HATED the snow. And begged to go inside.

On Sunday, I went to the fabric store and got stuff to make a tree skirt. Let’s keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever sewn anything for real. I’ve had this sewing machine for a few years, but I always had issues with getting it to work. I checked out the book Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, and it gave me renewed inspiration. My first projects of the day were holiday collars for Alton & Zeus. Everything was pretty successful. I can’t wait to sew more stuff!

So now, the fruits of our labor from the past weekend!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating Update!

  1. Oh, sheesh, you did accomplish alot! My husband Samuel keeps begging me to put up the wreaths, but I want to decorate them all first. But my glue gun broke, so Sam’s gonna have to wait! You’ll have to post your decorating tips. Love the look!

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