Apron Update

I worked on my first apron last night. I think the bottom is awesome. I think the top is awesome. I think they suck together. The top is wider than the bottom. The top is too long. I’ll work tonight on making the final product an awesome sum of the parts. But here’s my progress so far. (I think my major problem is wanting to have a finished product after one sitting. I need to get over this)

Apron top:

View of the backing (orange stripe):

Apron bottom. Notice pleating/ruffles/whatever you want to call it. It was a bit of a pain in the butt:

Apron bottom (backing):

And now to lower my blood pressure a bit, Alton got on my desk last night.

He looks innocent enough…

But he’s eyeing (eying?) those Ritz…

And is annoyed that I wont give him any (and that I’m taking his picture)

And for the awe factor, let’s remember how tiny Alton used to be when he would hop on my laptop. If he tried that today, the laptop might break.

What a cute itty bitty kitty. Can’t we get another one?


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