Oy Vey!

I’m having one hell of a day.

  • It rained all day yesterday along with wind gusts. 3 of our 7 wreaths fell out of their windows and got soaked. I have stitched the end of each ribbon in hopes that the added bulk will keep them from falling out of the windows. I need to get some dowels from the hardware store to stuff in there for extra safety.
  • Our company Christmas party is tonight. At 6pm. Husband and I are using our Marriott points to get a room for the night so we don’t have to drive. It helps that the hotel is just a few blocks from where the party is. But the I remembered about Saturday.
  • Sister and I are doing our Christmas baking tomorrow. I still have to go to the store. And clean downstairs.
  • I have a metric shit-ton of work and I’m trying to get finished up before the weekend. But see above. I need to get ready for the party and for baking. And go to the grocery store.

As I said, oy vey!

Edit: Be sure to read the comments on this one. If not you’ll miss out on a hilarious little gem.


4 thoughts on “Oy Vey!

  1. I feel your pain – tomorrow is baking day for me too. And finally empty out the “donation closet” and donate it all! I finally get a storage closet back!

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