Deal Alert!

Matt and I just scooped up this bench + shelf unit from JCPenney online. Quite comparable to a Pottery Barn set, no?

Clark Bench and Shelf

We ordered it in white. It’s currently backordered (estimated to ship around 1/17), but that’s seriously a deal! Only $250! And to make it even better, when I saw the spot for promo codes, I did a quickie Google search which led me to There I found a coupon code for 20% off– and it worked! So that brought the bench & shelf down to $199! Huge deal! We got the whole enchilada for $233. Phew. Be still my beating heart!

Christmas present post coming soon. And post-Christmas present post (let’s just say that when I should have Harry Potter movies 1-5 on blu-ray shortly after the new year. and the hubs got a new pair of fancy shoes) coming soon.

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past week, when I have been at my computer, it’s been mostly watching stuff online through Netflix while I sew.

Hope everybody has been having a great holiday season!


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