Christmas Present Redux

I really racked up this Christmas and post Christmas. Here’s how it went down in the Kesler household.

My dad & sister came by on Christmas Eve to make cheese straws. Mine turned out awesome. Theirs turned out not quite so awesome. Such is life. At least now I have Gran’s secret cheesestraw recipe (really more of a guideline) so I can make cheesestraws for years to come.  Dad & sister came back later on that night for dinner. We had: ham, 5lbs of mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce.

After dinner & after the folks left, Matt & I opened our presents. Opening on Christmas Eve was new to us this year, but because we wanted to be at Dad’s by 9:30ish for mimosas, it made the most since to open presents early.

Matt’s big present was a new Tissot watch. He looves it. I got it engraved for him since he knew he was getting it. I had to surprise him somehow!

Here’s what I got from the hubs:

Crate & Barrel salad bowls


Measuring cups & spoons

Stainless Steel mixing bowls


Glass storage containers


Acrylic cookbook holder


Real Simple cookbook


Alton Brown Feasting on Asphalt book


Wine glass drying mat


Wine saver


Rabbit-style wine opener


Reusable oven liner

Engraved pendant (about 1inch long by 3/4in wide. A bit smaller than anticipated, but I loove it)


Gift card to bra shop. This is a real treat. I hadn’t bought any new bras in 2.5 years! As Tim Gunn says (and my husband quotes), “They [underware] are the foundation on which a good outfit is built on”.

Santa was super good to me. I also got some kick ass presents from the inlaws (OXO Pop Storage containers for my flour and sugar, a super awesome pair of Gingher scissors, and another set of ramekins)!

Another post to come about our post-Christmas shopping extravaganza!


One thought on “Christmas Present Redux

  1. Sounds like you two had a great Christmas! Love the wine drying mat, I need one of those. You’ll have to post a picture of you in your necklace so we can all see. Happy New Year!

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