Trays Galore!

I’ve been thinking about trays lately. Katie at Bower Power is using one on her coffee table. Eddie Ross is making his own faux-croc tray. John & Sherry at This Young House customized a tray, too.  We have a tray on our bar for corralling all of Matt’s bourbons and bottle/wine opening tools.

Obviously, trays are all the rage. And I want more. I think trays so useful and versatile.

Tell me what you think of my long standing, can’t decide if it’s worth the work or not, tray idea.

Get a basic wood tray from a craft store like this:

Assemble our ever-growing collection of Sierra Nevada bottle caps

And affix them to the inside of the tray. My ideas for accoplishing this include using finishing nails or essentially ’tile’ them on. I think this could be perfect for serving up beer, wine & other deliciously alcoholic drinks. I could even do a pattern or a K with all the caps we have.

Yay or nay? Hot or not? Thoughts? Concerns? Totally stupid idea, Leigh, don’t waste your time?

(Btw: I totally intended on titling this post “Tray Chic” until I looked back at Eddie Ross’ post to get the link and saw he used that title. Major bummer! At least I caught it before I published!)


2 thoughts on “Trays Galore!

  1. I love that idea! I’ve got a tray like that as well that I want to paint glossy black and attach black and white polka dotted balls on the bottom. Looks cool in my head, who knows what it’ll look like in reality!

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