The Adventure of Onion Straws and Cats

Yesterday was one hell of a day. Let me step you through my post-work adventures:

4:00pm – leave work

4:30ish – get gas at Kroger. Decide to vacuum out the car. While vacuuming, my scarf almost got eaten up. It was a close call.

4:40ish – Leave Kroger, head to the fabric store. I exercised self control and only got what I needed… plus 3 really cute fabric squares.

4:50ish – Head to Ukrops (mecca!). For those of you not in the know,  Urkops is a grocery store in Virginia. It’s similar to Wegman’s (kinda gormet ish, lots of prepared foods, etc). This was the Urkops near our house that I wasn’t sure if it was a full Ukrops or not. Apparently it is, but it’s super old and really small inside. We’re talking super old as in, no conveyer belts to put your stuff on, you just leave it in the cart. I thought it wasn’t a full Ukrops because I saw a “Pharmacy” and “Florsit” signs and thought maybe it was just a pharmacy? Very silly of me, I know. I don’t know what I was thinking. I picked up the ingredients I needed to make Pioneer Woman’s Onion Straws and other necessities that we might not make it until the weekend without- like Ranch and 1/2 & 1/2.

5:10ish – Head home. Get a call from the lovely husband en route asking me to look up something shoe related for him. Hurry home to get to the computer.

5:15ish – Check mail, walk in the door with all my goods. Let the dog outside. Hey, where’s the cat? Usually Alton is downstairs when we get home. Hmm… thinking about it, I didn’t see him this morning when I was downstairs and filling up his food bowl for the day. He’s usually always around for the feeding.

5:20ish – Text hubby the answer to his question. Let the dog in. Seriously, where is the cat?

5:21ish – Oh my God. What if the cat died? What if he ate something toxic and is dead somewhere. Surely the dog would have alerted me to this? What’s that noise? That smell?

5:22ish – Damnit! The Brunswick Stew burnt in the crock pot. Ugh.

5:23ish – Oh the cat. Let me check upstairs. Start calling for him, don’t hear a peep. He’s not in my office. Not in the guest room. Not under our bed. Did he get locked in the bathroom? Nope. In my closet? Nope. Oh god, I shut hubby’s closet door this morning…

5:24ish – Open Matt’s closet door. Cat laying right inside closet.

5:25ish – Feel like a horrible pet mother. Oh no, my phone is ringing downstairs. Talk to Matt, get off the phone.

5:26ish – Call my sister to tell her the horrible events of the evening, because this is such a dramatic story.

5:27ish – Matt beeps in before I’ve even let sister say 2 words. Switch over.

5:28ish – Start fixing the Onion Straws. Pour a beer. What a long evening.

By the way, the Onion Straws… kick ass. Make them. We googled a recipe for Outback’s bloomin’ onion dip. I found one at Recipe Bazaar and it was dead on (even though we ran out of mayo). I couldn’t bring myself to eat any of the Brunswick Stew. It was so sad. So I ate Onion Straws for dinner. And half a beer.

We made sure not to lock the cat in the closet again this morning.


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