Help! Tips Needed

Over the summer (was it summer? I can’t remember) after we got our brand spankin new coffee table for the family room, I decided to paint our old, legs come loose all the time, came from Matt’s college townhouse, Wal*Mart special coffee table.

I managed to fail.

I sanded. I primed with a primer that told me I didn’t have to sand.

I painted. And failed. Maybe because when I got the paint (that I originally used for the plywood counter top in the laundry room) I asked for the cheapest white paint possible.

I don’t even know what type of paint it is.

The painted coffee table…. looks like crap. The finish isn’t smooth. There are obvious brush strokes.

Can anybody help me? I’m fine with repainting it (and going with a color this time. Plain ole white is super bright). Should I get spray paint? Oil based?


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