More To Come

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Mainly due to stresses at work and just wanting to totally veg out when I get home.

But, my friends, today is a good day. A very special day.

I have *this* waiting at the front door for me!
Clark Bench and Shelf

Ahhhh! I’m so excited to assemble it tonight so we can finally get our act together at the entryway area off of the garage. It’s a dumping ground for shoes, empty dog food bags, and empty diet coke cases. Embarrassing, really.

I’m glad to finally have something exciting to post about. Especially since I haven’t been sewing recently either. I need to work on my rotary cutting skillz and my bias binding skillz.


One thought on “More To Come

  1. Ohh I can’t wait to see pictures of everything once its in place. And I can’t wait for craziness of work to calm down!

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