Sad Day in Richmond

Circuit City, headquartered just a stones throw from where I grew up, is being liquidated. This is especially sad because CCity employs over 30,000 people and with the corporate headquarters being in Richmond, it’s quite the blow to our local economy.

But with liquidation comes deals. Katie at Bower Power scored an awesome tv deal when her local CCity shut its doors.

I’m hoping we can do the same and snag a new TV for our bedroom. We really don’t *need* it, so it would only happen if we find a super awesome deal.

In other news, we got the bench assembled yesterday. Hopefully we can get the shelf hung either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I”ll post pictures once it’s all set up. I’m also going to sew a new cushion for the bench. It came with 3 very blah cream-colored cushions.

Have a great weekend, yall!


One thought on “Sad Day in Richmond

  1. Can’t wait to see a picture of the bench. Ryan and I checked out the deals at CC yesterday, and didn’t see much. I’m hoping for another slash in prices, I want to get a new camera!

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