Feeling the Burn

I’m not so much feeling the burn as feeling the pain. I am SO sore. I’ve worked out in our empty bedroom/ home gym 3 times this week!

Not with good ole Richie though…

But with Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian!

(I had to do a picture that included Bob, my fav.)

The main reason that this whole “workout” deal is working for me so far? Netflix.

Yep, Netflix has workout dvds. And most of Jillian’s are available as watch instantly. So the past 2 mornings (and the night before that) I have fired up the ole laptop and worked it out with Jill. She’s kinda annoying. I added some Biggest Loser dvds to my queue. I can’t wait to be able to work out with Bob.

I have big plans for this home gym. Kettlebells, resistance bands… maybe even some weights. But first up is getting an indoor bike trainer. As a new amendment to my “no TV during the week except for LOST” plan, I can now watch shows if I’m in the “gym” riding the bike. So in order to be able to start watching TV again (and hopefully shed some pounds), I’m keeping a close eye on eBay & craigslist for a deal on an indoor bike trainer.

Anybody else have some “must-haves” for my new home gym?


One thought on “Feeling the Burn

  1. Good for you getting in there this week three times. What a great idea to ride a bike while you watch your weekly shows. I find a exercise ball for the gym is a good addition. There’s a guy at my workplace that substitutes his desk chair with one and works his abs all day. A friend of mine used to sit on it instead of a chair when he watched tv and during commercials would try to balance without touching his feet to the floor. Good luck.

    Oh by the way, I love the bench update. The fabric is wonderful. When decorating my home I always try to uses pieces that are unique . Taking a store bought item and making it your own with some paint and fabric is a great idea.

    Take care,

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