Cuttin’ a Rug

The Kesler Expressler household finally has rugs to help protect our poor hardwoods from Zeus’ evil nails.

Here’s Alton, greeting you at our front door on the new 3×5 rug (from

And looking down the hall from the front door, our new 2×12 runner (also Overstock)

Even though all 3 rugs that we got from Overstock were the same manufacturer and style name, our 8×10 for the living room is lighter in color than the 3×5 and 2×12. Oh well.

Now, we originally got a rug for the family room (a Dash & Albert geometric print), but turns out we were way off on estimating what size we needed. So, we got the Pottery Barn Bridget rug in blue and moved the Dash & Albert rug under the kitchen table. It’s still not the right size (it’s too narrow), but it’s good enough for now.

You can see our awesome paint swatches in the background. Here’s the new family room rug:

I luvvvv it. The brown ties in nicely with the tables and i love the 2 tones of blue.

Now let me tell you a tale. A young girl ventured north one Sunday with her husband to the great land of Ikea for the very first time. During their visit, the girl spied some doormats for mere dollars that surely would be better than their current offerings. So the girl and her husband purchased 2 of these mats and made the trek back to their homeland. Then, to their horror, the mats were entirely too small to act as door mats at the doors they had planned. With the Kingdom of Ikea being so far away, returning them wasn’t really an option. So what’s a girl to do?

Use one of them as a placemat for the animal water & food bowls!

The other is currently acting as a mat in front of the bar sink. But I’d much rather use it as a placemat for the cat’s food bowl in the laundry room. But marriage is allll about compromise, so the husband can have his bar sink mat for now… until we get something that fits the space a bit better.

And how’s a girl to keep all these rugs clean?

Did you just hear the heavens part and the angels sing?


3 thoughts on “Cuttin’ a Rug

  1. Love the rugs! I’m so jealous of your new Dyson. If only I could get one, I’m sure it’d work wonders on my carpets!

  2. Thanks guys! I’m in love with the family room rug too. I’ve been wanting it for A-G-E-S and was so happy when the husband agreed to get it!

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