In Like a Lion…

We got March started off with a roar here at the Kesler Expresler household. We finally got our butts in gear and painted our family room! Throughout the week last week, we/Matt finished sanding and patching various spots on the walls from the speaker install. Then on Saturday, we hit up Home Depot for 2 gallons of Ralph Lauren Prussian Blue.

I chose Ralph Lauren paint because I had read a review on One Project Closer about the quality of the paint. I don’t know if the hubs and I both had seriously stuffed up sniffers or what, but this paint might as well been low VOC- it hardly smelt at all! Definitely a bonus, since it was about 35 degrees and raining/sleeting/snowing on Sunday when we painted, so opening all the windows was out of the question.

We went through about 1.5 rolls of painters tape prepping the room on Saturday. We taped of all the baseboards, windows (5!), doors (1), fireplace, and the ceilings. We also taped some corners where we had to semi-awkwardly stop the paint due to our wide-open floor plan. But, the million miles of tape was well worth it. Especially on the vaulted ceiling where the hubs took over cutting-in duty. Let’s just say that he doesn’t quite have the patience for it that I do.

Another prep step, we had to make sure that the speaker wires that Matt had run didn’t fall back in the walls. So Matt geniously taped ball point pens onto the wires so they wouldn’t fall back in the holes.

So onto the goods!

Here Matt is about half-way into the process. It took us about 3 hours total, with Matt handling the rolling and me doing the cutting-in.

Zeus was a good puppy and hung out without getting in the way (or the paint). We had to lock Alton in our bedroom to avoid a disaster.

Here’s the completed left wall:

For now, we painted a straight line from the end of the crown moulding down to the half wall. We may or may not install a piece of moulding here. I think it looks pretty decent as is.

And the final product!

We both LOVE the color and are now wanting to paint even more of the house. I think this is one of our toughest rooms to paint due to the ceiling vaulting to 11 feet and all the windows.


3 thoughts on “In Like a Lion…

  1. The blue looks awesome with your furniture. I love it! And,I think it looks great at the cut-off point with the half wall.

    Great job! That is a ton of work!

  2. It looks great, ya’ll did a great job. Can’t wait to see it one day. Now that the weather is warming, maybe Ryan and I can head down for a weekend and we can grill out?

  3. Miss Kesler, I apologize for intruding on your website. I very much love the pottery barn bridget rug which has been discontinued. I have searched everywhere, including calling PB on a daily basis to see if one might turn up. I do recognize that you just purchased it but thought I would ask if you might be interested in selling it anyway.
    Thanks, Leslie Urmston

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