Insert Witty “I’m Back” Blog Title Here

I’ve been bad. Months and months with no updates. I pretty much let the entire summer slip by. But honestly, you didn’t miss much. Aside from work, here’s what’s being going on in Kesler Expressler world:

  1. We had baby doves born in my flowers on the deck
  2. Most of my herbs died
  3. I got an insanely high water bill
  4. I let my tomatoes go…
  5. … due to the insanely high water bill
  6. We went to Atlanta for a long weekend
  7. We saw the Bodies exhibit…
  8. … and I almost passed out, because it was so hot and dry in that darn exhibit! How embarrassing!
  9. Football season started… there was much rejoicing
  10. We went to Vegas
  11. I finally hemmed my curtains (details to come)
  12. The cat turned 2

Here’s a small sample of what HAS NOT been going on around these parts:

  1. Clearing out the now unruly tomatoes and dead herbs
  2. Clearing out my now-dead flowers
  3. Recaulking the shower
  4. Sticking to a cleaning schedule

And many, many more tasks that I really should do. So, let’s hope that I can start posting more regularly. And that I can start tackling some items on my home’s to-do list.


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