Weekend Recap

So let’s see how I did on my weekend goals:

  1. Clean shower – success! This was a necessary step for #2…
  2. Re-caulk shower (I’ve been putting this off since February!) So, getting the old caulk out was much more difficult that I anticipated. So I pretty much need to do this again another weekend, but at least now I know what I’m up against!
  3. Make some pumpkin butter – After the frustration of caulking the shower, making pumpkin butter was an easy success.  I got the idea from Darby at Fly Through Our Window. The recipe was super easy and it took less than 30 minutes! I think we have plenty to last us through the fall.
  4. Catch up on my Thursday night TV shows (Survivor & Greys) – This was an easy win. And I’m LOVING this season of Greys.
  5. Do the math for putting picture molding in the dining room (with some help from All Bower Power’s step-by-step) – Eek! Big fat fail here. I *thought* about getting the measuring tape out, but never actually did it. Hopefully I can do this sometime this week. I’d like to price out this project and try to figure out a good weekend to tackle it.
  6. Read my new issue of Real Simple magazine! I’ve gone through most of the magazine, but skipped a few articles. I had to get to the food section to get ideas for dinner this week!

How was your weekend?


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