HomeGoods Happy


Oh. My. Lawd.

HomeGoods just opened up its first store in our area. It opened last weekend (Oct 25th). I went for the first time today. Friday. October 30th.

I thought the craze would have died down. It was 1:30pm after all.

But no.

I could barely stand to stay more than five minutes because of the crowds. They had TONS of Christmas stuff out, and I’m just not mentally prepared to start thinking about Christmas decorations. But! Their mirrors! Oh the mirrors! I saw so many that I like and even more that I loved once I saw the price tags.

Have you *seen* HomeGood’s price tags?

$30! For a mirror! That’s framed!

I am Let’s all say “bye-bye” to Leigh’s extra spending money.


One thought on “HomeGoods Happy

  1. HomeGoods = awesome. It also = no money left in my paycheck. I love this store and was so excited to hear they were putting one in Richmond! We have 3 up here in the DC area. Ryan and I got an awesome full length mirror from there for about $50. It was a steal!

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