Shower- 1, Leigh- 0

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I want to attempt to recaulk the shower. Again.

Yep. I tried. I broke out the box cutter and shredded that silicone caulk to bits. Or not. Because it wouldn’t budge. I got a few peices, and after 30 minutes of squatting in the shower, I was dunzo.

But! These projects are all about having the right tools. A coworker is letting me borrow this little caulk-ripping-contraption (the black thing):

So hopefully now I can get all that nasty caulk out, bleach the shower real good, and get some anti-bacterial silicone caulk in place. And not be grossed out every time that I shower. It’s so bad and embarrasing that you guys wont ever see a picture of its nastiness.

Consider yourself lucky.

Have you ever recaulked a shower? Do you have any tips or tricks for me?


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