Review: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Have you met the Pioneer Woman? If you haven’t, hop on over to her blog lickity-split. When I first stumbled upon it, some time in 2008 I believe, I probably spent 12 hours going through old posts and reading up. Anywhoo, the Pioneer Woman has recently released her first cookbook. And it’s awesome.

If you like Paula Deen, you’ll love Ree. She has a similar ‘I’m not perfect. I cook with loads of butter’ style. But it’s all so darn delicious!

A lot of the recipes in the book are available in the cooking section of Pioneer Woman, but there are some new ones. I ordered the book from Amazon when it came out and it was on my doorstep two days later thanks to Amazon Prime.

I haven’t made anything new out of the cookbook yet, but I have read it (mostly) cover-to-cover. The cookbook is filled with Ree’s photography of her family and their ranch in Oklahoma. She also has some stories about her family throughout. It’s almost like a cookbook-scrapbook hybrid. I don’t know, but it’s great.

I highly recommend you pick it up. Unless you’re trying to lose weight. Or eat healthy. Or you’re allergic to butter. Cause there’s lots of that goin on here.


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