Welcome, Weekend

Weekend Time! Score!

Here are my weekend plans/goals:

  • Try out the new PS3-Netflix Watch Instantly integration
  • Vacuum the whole house
  • Clean up our vegetable beds
  • Pull out the dead(ish) plants from their planters
  • Get some new fabric
  • Watch the Colts game in my new jersey (more about that next week!)
  • Finish organizing my office
  • Plan meals for next week and go grocery shopping
  • Have a fun time at a party we’re going to Saturday night
  • Try to resist getting a kitten

What are you doing this weekend? Any crafts? Yard work? It’s supposed to freeze this weekend, so I figure I might as well clean up all of our dead/dying/decaying plants.

Y’all have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Welcome, Weekend

  1. Wow! I”m tired just looking at your weekend. =)

    I was planning to run errands and take down halloween/fall decor tonight so I can clean and prep for Twilight extravaganza.


    I did run errands, though. But, now it’s 9:30 and I’m just scoping the blogosphere. Terrible.

    I’m going shopping in downtown Chicago tomorrow and I plan to do what I didn’t do tonight on Sunday. Oh, and maybe clean a little. And do laundry.

    You really weren’t looking for this detailed a comment, were ya? =)

  2. Ooh shopping sounds fun! I think I might hit up Goodwill while I’m out running errands to see if I spy anything good. I have to do laundry too. Major bummer!

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