Meal Planning: Week of November 8th

I just put together my meal list for this week and thought I’d share. Matt & I are trying to start watching our girlish figures, so these are all from the low-cal, low-carb, low-fat sections of the Food Network’s website. We only have 5 meals planned for this week (Sunday-Friday) since Tuesday is our 2yr anniversary and we’ll be going out to dinner.

I don’t assign meals to specific days since what we’re in the mood for can vary, and what I feel like cooking can vary.

  • Chicken Piccata (recipe is for turkey, but I’m going to use chicken) with a side of Zucchini Parm Crisps (given that they still have zucchini at the store)
  • Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes (I don’t do broccoli, but I might give it a shot)
  • Brown Rice, Tomatoes, and Basil (I’m going to add some shredded chicken too)
  • Asian Chicken and Orzo salad
  • Chicken with peppers and onions (This is a Kesler Expressler original, kind of. We usually make this with sausage– like kielbasa — but I have a feeling that isn’t super healthy. Essentially you cook the sausage with the peppers and onions. Sometimes I make a little sauce and serve it over egg noodles. Should be interesting with chicken this week.)

What’s cookin’ at your place this week?


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