Weekend Recap

Let’s see how I did on my weekend goals!

  • Try out the new PS3-Netflix Watch Instantly integration
  • Vacuum the whole house
  • Clean up our vegetable beds
  • Pull out the dead(ish) plants from their planters
  • Get some new fabric
  • Watch the Colts game in my new jersey (more about that next week!)
  • Finish organizing my office
  • Plan meals for next week and go grocery shopping
  • Have a fun time at a party we’re going to Saturday night
  • Try to resist getting a kitten

That’s a whole lotta green going on!

Friday night I stopped by at Joann’s and got some new fabric to make Darby’s dismat. I actually made it on Saturday, but neglected to take any pictures. But that’s mainly because I didn’t read the directions closely and kind of messed up. Not noticeably or anything and I still gave it as a hostess gift on Saturday night, but I plan to make another one. And make it correctly this time.

Saturday we were up bright and early thanks to Alton insisting that we get up at 7am. That means that we were out in the yard by 9 pulling everything out of the vegetable bed. I am so glad we’re done with that! I also cut back our hostas out front, pulled a few weeds, and trimmed some bushes. And all before 10am! Then I was out to run some errands and do some super secret shopping (more on that later this week). I did go to the pet store and was successful in NOT getting a kitten. Mainly because they didn’t have any there. We went to a friend’s house Saturday night and had a fun time hanging out and playing some games (and eating some yummy food).

On Sunday, Matt was helpful enough to help me with the vacuuming (I think he was worried it wouldn’t happen) before we went to the bar to watch the Colts defeat the Texans in our new jerseys. I was a little worried that wearing the jersey might jinx us, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I planned our health-conscious meals and hit up the grocery store after the game. Now I’m just doing laundry and watching football. And dreading Monday morning. It always comes too soon!

How was your weekend?


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