Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! In a few weeks it’ll be our 5 year dating anniversary, too. Crazy how time flies!

Tonight (Change of plans) Saturday we’re going out to dinner to celebrate. Last year I decided that we should stick to the “traditional” anniversary gifts, but this year I didn’t care as much mainly because, cotton? What the heck do you get somebody for “cotton” other than clothes? So, part of our anniversary present was our Colts jerseys (even though they’re not cotton, I figure it’s close enough). I got Peyton Manning and Matt got Dallas Clark. I can’t believe we waited so long to get jerseys!

Today is also my blogiversary!

I feel a bit silly calling it out and “celebrating” it, mainly because I took that summer-long hiatus and just now started back up. But still. My first post was 365 days ago.

Since I started this blog, I’ve:

  • written 80 posts (including this one)
  • posted 20 pictures of Alton
  • posted 6 pictures of Zeus
  • painted 1 room in the house

In the coming year, I hope to post even MORE pictures of Alton (just kidding… sort of). I also hope to NOT take a summer break again.

So today I’ll leave you with more pictures of Alton some pictures from our wedding, November 10th, 2007.

The Church:

My Dress:

Pre Wedding:

Married! On our way to the reception:

The Cake:

Photo-Oping during Cocktail Hour:

A Moment, complete with white wine, during the cocktail hour:

And finally, our first dance:

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