Project: Curtains

We bought some curtains from Ikea a while back for the living room, bar area, and dining room. A few months later, we got around to buying curtain rods for the living room and bar area. So we put the rods up and hung the curtains. A few months after that, I got around to hemming the curtains.

Now, the Ikea curtains did come with an iron-on-hem strip thingy. But I wanted to sew the hem. Don’t ask me why. Unfortunately, since I put this off for months and months and months, I had to wash the curtains before I could even think about hemming them.

So I washed the curtains, dried the curtains, and re-hung the curtains in hopes that the wrinkles would fall out. That was weekend 1. After a full week, the wrinkles still hadn’t fallen out.

So I had to iron the curtains. Then hang them again so I could determine how much I needed to hem. Since I thought we hung the curtain rods on the living room windows at the same height, I didn’t bother hanging the second set of curtains in that room. That is a step that I do not recommend skipping. After pinning all of the curtains at what I thought was the proper length, I hung them again just to double check.

Thank goodness I did. Because they were off. Waaayyyy off. Out of the world off.

The curtains I had hemmed for the bar window ended up being the correct length for one of the living room windows, so at least I didn’t have to redo that one. But I had to redo the other 2 sets. What a pain!

But after re-pinning and re-hanging to make sure that I wasn’t off again, I FINALLY got around to hemming the darn things. Like four hours after I started.

Thankfully, they turned out pretty good (at least in my opinion). They barely kiss the floor, which is exactly what I wanted. And if somehow they stretch out after hanging for awhile, then I’ll just say that I intended for them to slightly pool on the floor. And nobody will know. But you.

And here are some pictures- we all love a good before & after! (Sorry the before photos are so dark- for some reason I didn’t think I needed to turn on any lights!)

Living Room Windows Before:

Living Room Windows After:

Bar Window Before:

Bar Window After:


2 thoughts on “Project: Curtains

  1. Curtains had been the bane of my existence since we moved in. It took forever to find some that we both liked, then forever to get the motivation to hem them. I am dreading the day that we finally agree on a curtain rod for the dining room since that means that I’ll have to hem that set, too.

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