Dare to DIY: Be Thankful

Dare to DIY
This week’s dare was especially challenging for me. We don’t host Thanksgiving at our house and I never really get too into fall and Thanksgiving decorating. I searched for inspiration all week but was coming up short and the weekend was coming up fast.

So last Thursday I asked Kristen at Miss Prissy Paige if she already knew what she was doing for the dare. She was kind enough to share some of her inspiration sites with me and I told her about some of the ideas that I had but just wasn’t sure of. Then we started talking about Christmas decorations and I showed her this coaster tutorial that I found over at Life On Grace‘s 12 Days of Handmade Christmas.

That’s when it hit me. Like a ton of tiles.

So I got some tiles

Gathered my painting supplies (acrylic paint and acrylic sealer)

Made some stencils on my computer (’cause this girl cant draw. Also, Alton helped.)

Then traced the stencils onto the tiles and painted!

The turkey was the most daunting, but I think he turned out the cutest by far.

Now just let the paint dry, then take them outside for a few coats of the sealer. Also, when you go to take your tiles outside to seal them, DO NOT be stupid like me and stack them on each. This caused some of the paint to come off. Nothing major, just a slight irritation and bummer.

So you can make some coasters, sure, but there are endless possiblities! Back in January, I posted about trays. They were cropping up everywhere from Young House Love to Eddie Ross. You could line a tray with these tiles and serve your guests holiday cocktails. OR you could use them as trivets for the meal. OR you could write your guest’s names on them and use them as place cards and gifts! You can really do whatever you want and make them your own.

Painting the tiles was a bit… frustrating. I plan on making some Christmas tiles and I think I’ll try decoupaging. I thought about doing stamps, you know, less artistic ability needed… but have you SEEN the cost of stamps? No-Thank-You. I had thought that drawing with Sharpies might work, and I intended to outline my shapes with one, but it rubbed right off. I don’t know if the acrylic sealer would have helped with that at all, but I didn’t really feel like trying and finding out!

This project was also EXTREMELY cost effective. I got 18 tiles for $5 at the hardware store, and acrylic paint was on sale at the Michael’s near me, so that total (I got some Christmas colored paints and the paintbrush, too) came to about $15. The most expensive part of that was the sealer, which ran about $7.

Head on over to see Kim at NewlyWoodwards and check out the other Thanksgiving ideas from the DIY Party!
Dare to DIY

9 thoughts on “Dare to DIY: Be Thankful

  1. I love the acorn so much. They are so cute. I love the idea of them in a tray…. and I’m totally swooning over the thought of them as placecards.

    I’ve been wanting to make these for gifts, now I really need to do it.

    Thanks for joining in.

  2. I love the coasters! I have been itching to make them myself, but haven’t had the courage to freehand it. You have inspired me! They look great!

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