Meal Planning: Week of November 15

Here’s what’s cookin’ at the Kesler Expressler household this week:

  1. Chili and cornbread
  2. Pioneer Woman‘s Chicken Spaghetti
  3. Chicken, Peppers, and Onions (a holdover from last week that never got made)
  4. Orzo with chicken, roasted asparagus, and onion
  5. Chicken Quesadillas

Are you trying anything new this week? We aren’t trying any new recipes this week, but I’m going to make something up with that orzo dish.


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Week of November 15

  1. Oh Kim… You must try the chicken spaghetti. It’s one of my favorites. I don’t put in any of the veggies that she lists because I’m always too lazy for chopping whnever I make this meal. I do add more cayenne than she lists though; we like things spicy. Ohh so good. I might have to make it tomorrow now that I’m thinking about how delicious it is. Yummmm.

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