Gearing Up…

… for New Moon!

I’m going to see the movie tomorrow after work and could not be more excited!

In order to prepare, I have re-read Twilight and New Moon and I’m currently reading Eclipse. When I read New Moon the first time, I didn’t really like it and it was my least favorite of the series. I think that was because once Edward left, I was so anxious about if he would come back that I was speeding through trying to get to his return. But this time, I knew Edward would be back so I took my time reading the book and enjoyed it much, much more.

Now, I’ll be honest here. I did not like the first movie. Maybe it was the low budget, but I thought the screenplay was bad and the acting was even worse. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t repeat in New Moon. I actually heard somebody on the radio this morning who saw the movie last night in a sneak preview and they said that it was true to the book- so that is definitely good news.

I also REALLY hope that our theater isn’t filled with 13 year old girls who are going to scream when Jacob takes his shirt off.

Are you seeing New Moon this weekend?

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