Weekend Recap

I’m so bummed it’s Monday already. But at least it’s a short week! My weekend was good- how was yours?

  • Dinner and New Moon with friends! -Yes! It was so good, minus the screaming teenagers
  • Take the pups to the vet -Yes, and unfortunately he fractured a tooth! He’s getting it removed tomorrow, poor buddy
  • Work out at least once -Yep. Went to the gym for a run Saturday morning before the vet.
  • Put something together for week 2 of the Dare to DIY party -Huge fail. But I might do this tonight, we’ll see…
  • Check out the new REI that is opening this weekend -Easy peazy, lemon squeezy. Both Matt & I got new water bottles for our gym workouts. I don’t know how we resisting buying more goodies, though
  • Figure out what we’re taking to Thanksgiving next week (!) -Technically I got this taken care of today, but at least it’s done. I’ll be baking a pecan pie and picking up a bottle of wine.
  • Relax! -Big yes here. And it was glorious!

Here’s to wishing that this week (until Thursday, that is) flies by!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Yes- I will be back next week! I should be finished with Breaking Dawn by then and will have my non-Twilight life yet. Plus, this weekend means I can start Christmas decorating 🙂

  2. We don’t know how he broke his tooth! Poor guy. No toys for him for a few days.

    The REI is over where they put the Home Goods- next to the new Whole Foods at Broad and 64.

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