…the newest member of the Kesler Expressler household:


She’s actually sleeping on my lap as I type this. Earlier she was helping me type. She’s lacking spelling skills at the moment.

We got her on Sunday. She’s a total doll. Savannah is about 10 weeks old. She’s a little wary about Zeus, but Zeus doesn’t care too much about her- he just wants to play.

And Alton was pretty skeptical at first, but he’s coming around. He loves to play fight with her. It’s totally cute. Now to start the count of # of pictures of Savannah on the blog:


6 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. She’s adorable!!

    What did it take to convince Matt that y’all needed another cat? (Although I don’t know who could say no after seeing those pictures…)

  2. I’m not entirely sure what swayed him, but I’m not going to complain! She’s such a doll- I can already tell that she’s going to be the boss of Alton and Zeus.

  3. Oh my goodness – what a gorgeous kitten. We’ve got 4 cats – 2 are rescues – Sophie and Salem, Sophie being 15 years old and Salem (who is a female – yea I know we screwed up with the name) is only 8 but has feline diabetes.

    The other two are Harvey who is a pedigree – a British Blue although he is grey in colour which is what a British Blue is – can’t work it out either LOL………..and Kissa (Finnish for Cat – how inventive) who is a Birman and absolute beautiful. All with their own odd personalities and traits but utterly adorable.

  4. Adorable! One of my cats growing up was diabetic– we gave him insulin shots twice a day for a few years. He and his sister were both orange tabbies (long hair though) and my first cat was orange too. I’ve been wanting an orange kitty for awhile and was thrilled to find Savannah.

  5. Hi Leigh,

    Yes we – well when I say “we” I really mean my hubby has to give Sophie (who is a ginger cat (quite rare for a female moggy to be ginger apparently although obviously different if it is a pedigree like yours) her injections twice daily. He went away on a football trip a while ago and left me to inject her. I firstly stabbed myself with the needle and then when I tried to inject her she realised how nervous I was and was growling at me – finally managed to get the needle in but was worried I was hurting her. When I finished I felt triumphant only to discover the insulin was still in the syringe and I hadn’t “plunged” hard enough……..arggh.

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