Update: Cleaning House

Last month I came up with an idea to help motivate me to clean on a more regular schedule so my weekends can be cleaning-free (read about it here).

Well, I’ve been a huge fat failure on this ever since I started. Keeping it real here, but I haven’t done ONE thing on that list according to plan. But I’m hoping to change that.

I have some motivation to get and keep my house clean, though. On the 19th I’ll be hosting (with my sister) our annual family Christmas. Basically, my dad’s side of the family gets together a week or so before Christmas to celebrate since it’s near impossible to get everybody together on Christmas day.

This is the first large family even that I’ll be hosting and I’m super excited. But this also means that my house needs to be spic and span. Even though I’m planning on taking the 18th off, I’ll need the house pretty much clean before that.

So that brings me back to the daily cleaning schedule. Hopefully this way I’ll only need to do a deep clean the week leading up to the dinner. Dirty wood floors, I’m lookin’ at you.

To help motivate myself to get the dirty work done (even with an absolutely adorable itsy-bitsy kitty around), I’m going to post updates on my progress. Even if its a big fat fail. Seeing as I hate to fail, I’m hoping this will really motivate me to keep the casa clean and not be embarrassed in front of all of you in blogland.

Do any of you have any tips on keeping your place clean? Or about general holiday party prep?


One thought on “Update: Cleaning House

  1. I am terrible about maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. I actually asked for a cleaning service for my bathrooms for Christmas. I think hubby got the hint. =)

    Party prep tip #1 for me: Do EVERYTHING in advance. The less you do the day of, the better. The time flies on the day-of, so don’t count on cleaning, decorating or even cooking much the day of. It’s not always possible, but it’s what I strive for. I always clean and decorate at least a week out and then just touch up the night before. It works pretty well for me. =)

    have fun!

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