This and That

I’ve decided today is random post day.

  1. WordPress released version 2 of their iPhone app. It’s loads better. Now it’ll be easier for me to post from my phone and attach pictures.
  2. We’re getting a new trash can today. Zeus has been committing crimes of opportunity lately when the trash can is full. Nothing like coming downstairs in the morning and picking up trash that he’s pulled out. Needless to say, we’ll be getting a trashcan with a lid. I’m going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond at lunch today (armed with a 20% off coupon) to get one.
  3. I’m going at lunch because I’m determined to go to the gym today after work. I haven’t been in over a week!
  4. I’m also swinging by the library today to pick up The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s a book told by the perspective of a dog. I heard about it from the Real Simple No-Obligation Book Club. They read it in November and I’m just now getting around to picking it up.
  5. I started a new blog this morning solely for pictures of Alton, Savannah, and Zeus. It’s Two Cats and One Dog.
  6. Savannah discovered the joys of running full speed down the hallway last night. This prompted me giving her the nickname “Savannah-Anna Winds”
  7. We give our animals strange nicknames.
  8. For example, one of Alton’s nicknames is Tony Romo. This stemmed first from Altonio. That became Tony. Then Tony Romo. Makes total sense, right?
  9. I think this is enough randomness for one day. But let’s make it an even 10.
  10. Happy Thursday!

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