Friday? Yes, Please!

I really love it when Friday rolls around. I’ve got big plans for today so that my Saturday can be full of fun. The first step to this is taking a half day today. Score!

My Friday To-Do List:

  • Vacuum the house
  • Pick up downstairs
  • Dust downstairs
  • Clean kitchen
  • Finish Christmas decorations (this includes putting the candles in the windows, garland on the banister,  garland swag over the front door)
  • Put all Christmas decoration boxes back in the attic

In an ideal world, I’d also:

  • Go to Target to get some more red and silver ornaments
  • Hang ornaments on the outside garland swag over the front door
  • Make an ornament wreath for inside the house

I’m hoping that by doing all this cleaning today, tomorrow I’ll be able to:

  • Watch TV/Elf
  • Do some sewing
  • Drink coffee and Chai lattes
  • Start reading The Art of Racing in the Rain

Phew! What are yall up to this weekend? I have a feeling Christmas will be here before we know it. December always seems to fly by!


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