Christmas 2008 Recap

Did you all check out the awesome ideas at Kim’s DIY Blog Party? I got some ideas for sure and also realized how retarded I am for not realizing that painting foam forms before covering them with stuff was the smart thing to do. I have 2 more foam forms that I plan on using this holiday season and now they’re due for a coat of paint before I start hot gluing.

So next week at the blog party is all about Christmas decorations, so I’m going to keep those from you until Monday. But I wanted to recap what we did last year for our Christmas decorations.

The outside of our house:

(This is largely the same this year with a small handful of additions. Also, I got a timer for the outside lights so they’ll automagically turn on and off. No more stepping outside at 10:30 in my PJs to unplug everything. Score!)

Our tree, complete with cat:

The mantle:

We still need a stocking for Savannah, but Target only has lame little stockings this year. I might end up getting a plain red stocking from Michael’s.

I think I need to move some of decorations around into some of the other rooms in the house so they can get a good dose of holiday cheer. I kinda hate to move stuff into rooms we hardly use, so I might just move stuff right before our party on the 19th.

What can I say, I like to keep the decorations where I can see them the most– in the family room!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2008 Recap

  1. Kim, I bet you can totally find awesome deals on wreaths after Christmas this year. I’m pretty sure Michael’s already has them on sale. And those red bows are like a buck each. Easy peasy! I’ll remind you around Thanksgiving next year that you vowed to put wreaths on all of your windows 🙂

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