Weekend Recap

Let’s just say I did not have the weekend that I planned on Friday afternoon.


  • I’m taking this afternoon off (woohoo!)
  • Getting a haircut
  • Taking the dog on a long walk because tonight is
  • Our company Christmas Party! We’re staying at a hotel so we don’t have to worry about driving, so Zeus needs an extra-long walk since he’ll be in the house all night.


  • Overcome hangover
  • Deep clean of house – this way I can just keep it clean and touch up during the week, since we all know I fail at cleaning during the week.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Hopefully a run to the mall on the other side of town to finish up my Christmas shopping
  • Finalize headcount for the party
  • Buy any remaining supplies – mainly tablecloths


  • Baking with my sister – I think we’re doing Cheese Straws and Pecan Sandies.
  • I’m also going to try to make some Chex Mix at some point
  • Work on some Christmas gifts- hopefully I managed to buy my supplies on Saturday

My Saturday hangover was far worse than I dreamed and I was down for the count the entire day. Thankfully I was functional on Sunday, so I did my grocery shopping super early. My sister and I made two batches of Pecan Sandies. We didn’t attempt the Cheese Straws, and that was a good idea. After she left, I did make some Sugar Cookies to appease my husband. Thank you, Betty Crocker. I also made a double batch of Chex Mix. I’m hoping that some will last until the party on Saturday. But that might be tough, given my undying love of homemade Chex Mix.

Since I didn’t do anything on Saturday, including cleaning my house, I made a list of tasks for each day this week in prep for the party. Sunday was laundry and picking up the downstairs- putting items in their place and general de-cluttering. I think today I have to tackle my arch-nemesis, the Bathrooms.

Now that my house is semi-put together, I’m also hoping to post tonight my Christmas decorations for Kim’s Dare to DIY party.

Phew! I hope y’all had a more productive weekend than I did!


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