Weekend Plans: Snow Storm Edition

It began snowing here around 4pm. This picture is our deck at about 630pm. Here in Virginia, people freak out when it snows. Which is why when I went to the grocery store at 930am, it was packed as if it was Saturday and they were totally sold out of ground beef.

Anyhow, this snowstorm is putting a major crink in our party plans! We’ll be playing it by ear and I’ve got 10lbs of mashed potatoes in my fridge. So if we do get snowed in, we will have plenty of mashed potatoes to eat.

I’m mostly set for the party tomorrow, just a few more things:
-put all the unwrapped presents in a closet
-iron the tablecloths
-wipe down kitchen counters
-febreeze the house, light some candles
-remember to run the dishwasher before bed
– dust downstairs

Thankfully, Elf is on right now so that will help motivate me to get everything done so I can just veg!

Happy weekend, everybody!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans: Snow Storm Edition

  1. Kim– Yes, but ’round these parts you can’t count on having snow until it’s falling from the sky. But regardless, I don’t hate you for your snow anymore, just the other items listed. 🙂

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