Resolutions Review

Last year I came up with some long term goals for the new year instead of resolutions. Let’s review.

Long Term Goals

  1. Lose 20 lbs. Man, I’d love to be back at my high school weight. I’m hoping that this will be the year that I actually follow through. — I’m down 15lbs this year. I’m hoping for another 10.
  2. Keep the house clean. To do this, I’m going to create a cleaning schedule that works for me and try to get away from the weekend-cleaning habit — I made multiple schedules, but they never stuck. After doing this for the party prep the other week, I think I might be able to commit to this in the coming year.
  3. Try new recipes — Easy peasy!
  4. Walk the dog. I think more walks will generally help the pups to not be so excited all the time. — We’re getting there!

I think 2009 is going to be a kick ass year. Around the house, we have a lot of things we’re hoping to cross off our list:

  1. Finish wiring the family room
  2. Paint the family room
  3. Make curtains for the living room, wet bar area, and dining room (we bought these, but whatevs!)
  4. Get rugs for the front entry way, front hallway, and living room
  5. Organize the garage

I’m shocked that we got all of the “around the house” items done! The long term goals are kinda iffy, but I think I’ve made some fairly decent progress.

Do you resolve in the new year? Did you meet your goals for last year? I’m still debating on doing a resolution for 2010, I’ll probably stick with goal-setting. Sounds less daunting 🙂


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