Weekend Recap

I have a lot of “fail”s on my weekend goal list, but I’m OK with that.

  1. Clean and organize my office (including the closet!) It’s like a craft store barfed in there. Seriously, it ain’t pretty. I organized/cleaned the room but not the closet.
  2. Grocery shopping
  3. Make a big batch of smoothies for next week. Fail. My grand plan here was to buy lots of cheap plastic bottles, make a big batch, then store in the fridge. Turns out the Rubbermaid bottles I wanted were $5 each, not $2 like I thought in my head, so I just bought 1 for each of us. So now making a big batch isn’t really an option until I figure out some other storage device. Also, I realized I haven’t been putting enough frozen fruit in the smoothies! I’ve got it all figure out now though.
  4. Meal plan I’ll post this later on (like when I remember what we said we’re having this week)
  5. Clean the house We ended up having an impromptu game night on Saturday, so we cleaned before that. We also cleaned the entire vacuum cleaner. O-M-G was it filthy!
  6. Plan and price out picture molding for the dining room. Another Fail. One of these day’s I’ll actually bust out the tape measure…
  7. Replace the air filters. Done! We actually bought enough filters for most of the year so we don’t have to hit up Lowes again until the 4th quarter.
  8. Relax! It *is* the weekend after all! 

It was a good weekend, but not quite as entertaining as I had hoped. I am super excited for today though, because on Friday I pulled the trigger and bought the Canon Rebel XSi! It’s out on the UPS truck for delivery and I can’t wait! I told my husband that if he gets home before me, he is to open it up and get the battery charging! I’m also a total nerd and I downloaded the manual on Saturday and spent my morning reading it. I can’t wait!

How was your weekend?


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