Photoshop For All of Us

Did you know that Photoshop has a FREE site where you can make some of the most common photo edits? FREE edits? I had totally forgotten about this until I was browsing free iPhone apps in the “photography” section of the App Store and saw Mobile. The iPhone app lets you do a lot of the same stuff as the full blown site. I had totally forgotten that I had signed up for this back in October of 2008!

I have a full blown copy of Photoshop for work, but I don’t use it for photo-editing/correcting so I’m still learning the ins and outs. But I can load up and easily tweak some common things, like white balance.

You get 2GB of storage for free and what’s even better, you can connect to some other photo hosting sites (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, etc). You also get a personal URL to email your friends and family so you can easily share your albums.

You should totally check it out!


5 thoughts on “Photoshop For All of Us

  1. Hi, Found you from PW and so happy I did!
    I been so jealous of everyone’s bog photos where they have “enhanced them” … Didn’t know they had a free site for
    editing. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Awesome! I took a 10 week Photoshop class in the fall and never got around to buying the program. I will check out the free site before I totally forget everything I learned. Thanks and have a great Friday…so glad it’s almost the weekend!

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