Weekend Recap

It’s a long weekend for me and I’m so excited. Let’s see how I did on my weekend goals:

  1. Clean my office closet. Maybe re-do my layout. I’m not sold on it. -I tackled part of my closet on Friday night and tossed all the stuff that I know I should keep but don’t know where to put into a bag to deal with later. I also went through some files that I have up there and tossed some really old stuff (like bills for renters insurance from 3 years ago). I haven’t tackled the layout though. Still thinking on if I want to keep it as-is.
  2. Clean/pick up the house so I can take pictures and do a house tour series – The house is mostly picked up and I’ve taken some pictures for the house tour, coming later this week. I’ll be finishing this up today.
  3. Take Zeus to the dog park Saturday with my sister and her dog Quincy -What fun this was! The weather was great and Zeus was very well behaved and didn’t do anything too embarrassing. When we first got there Zeus ran around to say hi to all the people there, but towards the end he was finally playing some with other dogs.
  4. Try out my new camera in the daylight (finally!) -Yes! I took the camera to the dog park and got 2 good shots of Zeus. I’m shooting in Manual mode and definitely need more practice to avoid over-exposed images
  5. Learn more Photoshop/post-processing tricks (check out Becoming Mom– Ariana is a mom/photographer who posts great tips for both shooting and Photoshop editing. I’ve been going through her video tutorials and trying out the techniques.) — I watched some tutorials Friday night but didn’t get to really try any out. I’m hoping to find time for this in the coming week
  6. Meal Plan/Grocery Shop – We have a super busy week coming up and will only be home for dinner one night! We’ll be having baked potatoes with grilled chicken and broccoli.
  7. Watch the Colts take down the Ravens! – Huge win! I’m so glad the offense finally showed up right before the half to put some points on the board.
  8. Seriously think about measuring the dining room so I can make a picture-molding plan (for real this time!) – I finally did this! I’ve got my plan ready to go and my amount of trim figured out. I just want to double check my measurements before purchasing. We also probably wont get to this until mid-February since our weekends are so packed! At least that will give us plenty of time to pick a paint color!

Phew! What a weekend. I ended up getting a lot done but still with time to relax.

How was your weekend?


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