House Tour: Upstairs

Yesterday we toured the first floor, but now we’re going to hike a flight of stairs and check out the 2nd floor!

Upwards and onwards!

From House Tour

See that door at the very top of the stairs? That’s a linen closet. See that doorway on the right up there? That’s the master bedroom. This isn’t the best picture of it, but it was hard to get everything in the frame. The room has vaulted ceilings which might be my favorite part (after the closets). We have random furniture in here for now, but I think we’ll be turning our attention to this room towards the end of this year.

From House Tour

Down that left wall a bit is a hallway to our closets and master bath. The door on the left is Matt’s closet, the right is my closet, and straight ahead is the bathroom (that door straight ahead is another linen closet). Also, Savannah says hi.

From House Tour

Okay, back into the hallway. It gets a little confusing here, so we’re going to walk towards the front of the house by the big window (with a broken thingy inside. How the heck are we going to fix that!?)

From House Tour

Now we turn around and we see my office on the left and the empty room on the right (Alton says hi):

From House Tour

Here’s another peek into my office (this picture is horrible):

From House Tour

Now if we turn to the left, we have the guest bath:

From House Tour

And if we turn to the left again, the guest room:

From House Tour

Phew! Now back down the hall (we have a gallery of photos along the wall):

From House Tour

And we have the stairs to Matt’s office/attic space:

From House Tour

I didn’t get a picture of the entirety of Matt’s office, but he’s got all his music making stuff up here along with his desk and a poker table that he built. Maybe he can do a guest post of the poker-table building experience for all the boyfriends and husbands out here!

From House Tour

Phew! So that’s our house! I know I always love seeing other people’s spaces and where/how they live, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak inside the Kesler casa.


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